Bicycles, eBikes, and Trikes...

Laws Chart

Pedalcycles, We All Got 'em... What do We Do With 'em?

The obnoxiously bright picture above tells us that a Bike = a Car, at least when it comes to the rules of the road. That means;

  • Riding in the SAME direction as traffic.
  • STOPPING for Stop Signs, Traffic Lights, and Pedestrians.
  • Using Appropriate (and kind) Hand Signals to indicate your intentions (we did mention kind, right?).
  • The use of safety gear including; Reflectors, Lights, and Helmets.
  • Hopefully, you wouldn't drive your family car on the sidewalk, so please, don't ride your bike there either. Except for; 
    Children under 10 years old. They are better off riding on the sidewalk because they aren't mature enough to make the decisions necessary to safely ride in the street. They need to watch for vehicles coming out or moving into driveways. Stop at intersections to make sure other drivers see them before crossing and alert pedestrians they are near by using their bell or horn and excusing themselves. 
  • Please Put Your Phone Down while riding. That goes for earbuds and headphones too. You need all of your senses to ride safely and defensively. 
  • Remember you're a PEDALCYCLIST, NOT A PEDESTRIAN. If you want the right of way at an intersection, hop off your bike and walk it across where a pedestrian would.
  • This is just the very basic "law and keep you safe stuff." Even better info can be found at the links below. Please take a look.


bike-hand-signals copy

More Information to come on Bicycles, Low-Speed Vehicles, and Other Things.