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Medication Safety and Disposal

Keep Your Prescription Medications Safe

When medications in the home are not kept safe and secure, they create the risk of abuse or accidental poisoning.

Knowing how to make use of Project Medicine Drop, or otherwise safely dispose of your unused medications, is just part of the solution.

If you keep prescription medicines in your home, you also have the responsibility to keep them safe. Refer to these important tips:

  • Talk with your children and grandchildren.

  • Discuss the dangers of abusing over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Make sure they know you will be keeping an eye on the over-the-counter and prescription drugs in your home, and that you have asked family friends, grandparents, and other relatives to do the same.


  • Be alert for possible signs of abuse and addiction.

  • They include: hyperactivity or sleeplessness (seen with stimulants); slowed movements or reaction time, slurred speech, or disorientation (seen with depressants or painkillers); sudden weight loss or weight gain; excessive sleep.


  • Keep track of the medications in your home.

  • Take an inventory of the over-the-counter and prescription medications every six months, or more frequently if you suspect abuse.


  • Keep all medications in one location.

  • Consider keeping them in a locked cabinet, locked drawer, or childproof lock box.


Please give us a call anytime to make arrangements to drop off your unused medications (609) 494-8121