YES!! Our Beaches are OPEN =)

But like anything else these days… there’s laws. A group of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors is good, please keep a six foot buffer for SOCIAL DISTANCING between groups. NO ALCOHOL, now that’s the spirit… or not (well on the beach anyway, or if you are under 21 anywhere). Please BE HONEST and UNDERSTANDING when interacting with my guys and gals. We aren’t here to give you a hard time and we don’t have any special prizes for issuing summonses. None of them have ever won a toaster, personalized donut, or anything else for being the biggest summons writer. We would rather not issue if we don’t have to, so please don’t make us do it. 

Shhh… lean in a bit closer to the screen, here’s some inside info…. My officers will treat you very well until they can’t, and if they do have to issue summonses, it’s based on customer’s attitude. 

All that being said, please have fun, be safe, stay well.